What It's About

The VIP User Group is an annual conference held every October in Los Angeles for current users of the Velocity system.  It’s a chance for like-minded insurance professionals to spend a few days in beautiful California sharing ideas about their business, their goals and their use of Velocity.

We workshop ideas, hold presentations and collaborate to make our product and our family of users better to take on the challenges of the insurance industry.

But it’s not all work.  Our users will be staying at the breathtaking Westlake Village Inn (pictured left) that features green landscapes, a magical garden near the lake, cobblestone paths, vineyards on site and three five-star restaurants on the 17-acre lot.  The Users’ Group is the best of business and pleasure.

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What To Expect

The board plans the agenda for the conference based on prior experience and input from the attendees. Each year when the conference closes, the surveys are reviewed to determine if there should be any adjustments to venue, number of breakout sessions, content of both the main session (all attendees are present), content of the breakout sessions (Front Office, Accounting, Technology, and Claims).

In the main session, the meeting is brought to order and there are introductions of attendees. This is usually accomplished with some style of an ice breaker. The group always tries to keep the event light and fun. It has been recognized that the best form of sharing is for the users to prepare and present success stories. There are typically four to eight of these at each meeting. VRC then presents updates to accomplishments for the year and plans for the future. Certificates of Completion are presented to those that have completed a track in the VRC University program.

The content of the various breakout sessions change each year. The common theme is that there is always a session for training and a round table discussion. The groups also get together to vote on recommendations for VRC to consider for enhancements to products. These are known as the Top Ten requests.

Voting on Board positions occurs prior to the closing of the conference. You will have a chance to nominate (even yourself) VIP Board members. A ballot will be presented and you will cast your vote. The tally is quickly accomplished and the new Board members are presented. This is also a good time to offer your assistance as a co-chair.

Evening activities are included with the annual events. There is an excursion the first night that is usually theme based and off-site (transportation provided). The awards dinner is also included. The board, presenters, planners, sponsors, and other associates are appreciated along with a raffle of prizes funded by group sponsors.

Get The Brochure

For more information regarding the VIP Users’ Group, please contact us at 818-707-4295 or contact@vrcis.com.



The VIP Users’ Group has been meeting annually since 1996. A group of users began getting together to share ideas, obtain training, review future plans for the products, and help set the vision for their own entities to best leverage the technologies offered by VRC. The group has grown from a few to many clients. The percent of companies that use Velocity and attend the annual meeting has also grown.

Get Involved

The VIP Board is always looking for fresh ideas and additional assistance. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Become a Board member
  • Offer to be a Co-Chair for any of the breakouts
  • Offer to be an Mentor for new members
  • Share a Success Story at the next event
  • Sponsorships
  • Give suggestions on topic for training
  • Submit your survey and provide feedback
  • Or, just show up and enjoy the event!