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Advancing digital solutions for MGAs and insurers

When VRC Insurance Systems began in 1986, our mission was to provide comprehensive, flexible, reliable, scalable, and performance-proficient software for the MGA and carrier P&C marketplace.

Advancing Digital Solutions For MGAs And Insurers

Today, four out of the ten largest brokers in the world utilize our technology.

Utilizing the most state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies available, these goals have been realized and continue to advance. We are a research and development organization, building our own products with our own resources and the directives and recommendations of our user groups and industry-leading clientele.

Our core product, Verity, is an end-to-end policy administration system designed for MGAs and insurers. Verity enables organizations to automate workflows and keep data in one place by including policy administration (rate, quote, bind, servicing), portal accessibility, claims administration, accounting, document management, automated renewals, reporting, and more in a single system.

Our support staff and development team brings an average of 15 years of insurance and technology experience to creating solutions that help lower operational costs and accelerate growth.

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