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Velocity’s comprehensive scope of functionality is a result of more than 30 years of development and enhancements. The extent of our functionality allows our customers to combine, consolidate, and communicate between disparate systems, departments, offices, and databases. Our products take the customer from lead-in through renewals and beyond.

Flexible Software for Customization

Flexible Software for Customization

We support all lines of business in a single, scalable platform. Our software can be delivered and customized to fit your needs.

  • Hosted or on-premises solution
  • Custom interface and integration with outside applications
  • Web portals for agent and broker access to information, reporting, documents
  • A library of APIs to perform a wide variety of functions and business process workflows


From your front to the back office, we’ve got you covered.


Built-in Rating Engine


Policy Issuance


Bordereaux Reports


Fiduciary Accounting


General Ledger


Direct Billing


Management Reporting


Document Management


Online Certificates


Workflow Management


Diary Items


Prospecting & Marketing


Policy Administration


Claims Administration

Verity Migration Plan

Verity Migration Plan

In our drive to provide solutions to facilitate the entire insurance distribution process – from quoting to rating, policy generation, lifecycle management, and back-office operations – we continue to invest in and leverage advanced technology for our existing customers.

To this end, VRC has spent several years developing Verity which is designed to require minimal time for conversion and training for Velocity customers to go live on our new system.

The Roadmap to Our Enhanced Software Solution

Here’s how our migration plan will work:

Verity Demo

Velocity Workflow Assessment

Migration Plan Review


Test Migration

Go Live

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Benefits of Verity

With the move to Verity, you gain the benefit of newer, more advanced technology, a completely web-based platform, and faster custom development. Other benefits include:


Velocity is tied to Oracle products which are not being moved forward. Oracle has elected to put their Oracle Forms development application on extended support, therefore VRC has chosen to provide a more modern user interface without Oracle Forms. Oracle has also stopped enhancing SQR (which is used by Velocity to execute reports, processes, transact with APIs, and merge documents). Neither of these products will have any significant changes to the feature set and only major bugs will be corrected.

Velocity will continue to be supported and enhancements will continue to be entertained for the foreseeable future.

VRC will review each client’s situation independently. It is VRC’s intent to offer Verity to existing subscription clients at a nominal increase. VRC has a significant investment in Verity development.

Verity entered beta testing in 2021. The first production release is slated for Q1 2022.

Yes, VRC has structured Verity in a similar fashion so that the migration will be minimized.

All significant features of Velocity are preserved in Verity.

Yes. Velocity will continue to be supported for data center clients.

Velocity was developed with Oracle tools and is based on a four-tier architecture that includes the client, application server, business logic server and database server. Unlike Velocity, Verity has a simplified three-tier architecture that includes the client, the middle tier (client-to-database), and database logic tier. This structure allows users to scale the application horizontally meaning more processing containers can be added within a Virtual Machine, and more Virtual Machines can be added than with Velocity. Additionally, Verity has been developed with a Java-based toolset that allows for faster application development through modern development tools and a standardized language.

Yes. It would be best to talk with VRC about best practices and options.

All Velocity APIs have been converted for Verity usage. Certain codes like line code and revenue organization have been replaced with descriptions in Verity, however, the Velocity conversion process and APIs can still handle these values in an API request. While Velocity APIs should port to Verity with minimal effort, VRC has developed an API migration checklist to assist with additional considerations.

GUI ACORD form entry will not be supported in Verity at this time. VRC has replaced GUI ACORD forms with an easy way to enter and view coverages and exposures to provide a better user experience.
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