How Agency Management Systems Support Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

Aug 31, 2023


How Agency Management Systems Support Remote and Hybrid Work Environments How Agency Management Systems Support Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

Work environments have changed dramatically, with remote and hybrid work arrangements becoming more common. As of 2023, approximately 41% of the workforce has a remote or hybrid role. 

If you’re looking for a system to help you navigate this shift in operations, consider a platform such as Verity, designed for MGAs and carriers. Such agency management systems help facilitate a seamless adaptation to hybrid or remote work environments. 

Navigating Remote and Hybrid Work with Agency Management Systems

The transition to a remote or hybrid work model poses unique challenges for MGAs and insurance carriers whose business models depend on interaction with clients and brokers. Verity offers a solution that closes the gap for remote and hybrid work environments.

With Verity, insurance professionals can easily establish, integrate, and support remote policy deployment and management techniques, helping to simplify remote collaboration efforts and unite team members across remote locations. 

It also provides a platform to track and manage assignments. Verity’s automated diaries make it easier to track follow-up times and steps for critical tasks, reducing the risk that you might miss a step or a task along the way.

Ensuring Seamless Operations Through Dashboards and Batch Processing

Verity provides dashboards with centralized structures for tasks so that you can easily monitor and oversee operations in various locations. The dashboard lets you track your remote employees in one place.

Not only that, but the platform provides tools to batch-process specific tasks, including automating cancellations and renewals, saving you and your staff valuable time. Verity even automates your essential reports with overnight batch processing so you can access daily reports first thing in the morning.

Core Product Features Tailored for Remote and Hybrid Work

Verity is a comprehensive system with core features that support remote teams. The core elements of the platform include:

  • Client relationship management
  • Policy issuance
  • Claims administration
  • Billing and accounting

These tools simplify account management and empower your remote teams to manage their various roles and responsibilities efficiently. With electronic payments and digital document management, remote account management is easier than ever.

VRC has crafted a user interface for Verity that simplifies remote access with its browser-based platform. The core platform is also adaptable to changing needs as the business dynamics evolve.

Agency management systems such as Verity provide key benefits for MGAs and insurers as they adapt to remote and hybrid work environments. Verity offers support for key functions to help streamline agency operations, even as work happens in many different locations.

The platform’s modern user interface and flexible architecture make Verity a versatile option for MGAs and carriers to meet the needs of remote work environments. Verity offers the tools and techniques that your staff needs to fulfill their roles and the features necessary for you to monitor performance. Book a Verity demo to see firsthand how its capabilities can help you seamlessly transition to remote and hybrid work.

About VRC Insurance Systems

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